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Introducing WorldView-3, the first multi-payload, super-spectral, high-resolution commercial satellite. Operating at an expected altitude of 617 km, WorldView-3 provides 31 cm panchromatic resolution, 1.24 m multispectral resolution, and 3.7 m short-wave infrared resolution. WorldView-3 has an average revisit time of less than 1 day and is capable of collecting up to 680,000 kmē per day, further enhancing the DigitalGlobe collection capacity for more rapid and reliable collection.
  • Very high-resolution
    • Panchromatic 31 cm
    • Visible & near-infrared 1.24 m
    • Short-wave infrared 3.7 m
    • CAVIS 30 m
  • The most spectral diversity commercially available
    • Panchromatic band
    • 4 standard VNIR colors: blue, green, red, near-IR1
    • 4 added VNIR colors: coastal, yellow, red edge, and near-IR2
    • 8 SWIR bands: Penetrates haze, fog, smog, dust, and smoke
    • 12 CAVIS bands: Maps clouds, ice and snow, corrects for aerosol and water vapor
  • Industry-leading geolocation accuracy
  • High capacity in various collection modes
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Rapid retargeting using Control Moment Gyros (>2x faster than any competitor)
  • Direct Access tasking from and image transmission to customer sites
  • Daily revisits
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