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WorldView-2, launched October 2009, is the first high-resolution 8-band multispectral commercial satellite. Operating at an altitude of 770 kilometers, WorldView-2 provides 46 cm* panchromatic resolution and 1.85 meter* multispectral resolution. WorldView-2 has an average revisit time of 1.1 days and is capable of collecting up to 785,000 square kilometers (303,000 square miles) of 8-band imagery per day, greatly enhancing the DigitalGlobe multispectral collection capacity for more rapid and reliable collection.
The WorldView-2 system, offering incredible accuracy, agility, capacity and spectral diversity, allows DigitalGlobe to substantially expand its imagery product offerings to both commercial and government customers.
  • Very high resolution
    • 46 cm* panchromatic at nadir
    • 52 cm at 20° off-nadir
  • The most spectral diversity commercially available
    • 1.85 m* resolution at nadir
    • 4 standard colors: blue, green, red, near-IR1
    • 4 new colors: coastal, yellow, red edge, and near-IR2
  • High capacity over a broad range of
    collection types
    • 16.4 km width imaging swath (wider than any competitor)
    • Bi-directional scanning
    • Rapid retargeting using Control Moment Gyros (>2x faster than any competitor)
    • 2199 gigabits on-board storage
    • 800 Mbps X-band data downlink
  • Direct downlink to customer sites available using same high-speed 800 Mbps X-band downlink
  • Industry-leading geolocation accuracy
  • Frequent revisits at high resolution
    • 1.1 days at 1 m GSD or less
    • 3.7 days at 20° off-nadir or less (52 cm GSD)
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