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DigitalGlobe EDPMEDIA e-tile service (ets) are Geo-referenced picture tiles in jpeg format prepared using WGS84 Geographic Coordinated System that can be readily included as reference layers for any GIS/WEBGIS, CAD, BIM, Project Collaboration / Project Management applications , Integrated Asset Management Systems (IAMS).
ets Release 1.0 contain Geo-referenced picture tiles for Jawa and Bali Islands. Based on demand, ets future release will include other region of Indonesia
Each ets picture tile is 3 km by 3 km available at 0.5 m or 1.0 m spatial resolution Geo-referenced jpeg format. The Geo-referenced picture tiles are extracted from 2014 and 2015 world view and Geo-eye collections. Base on Demand ets next year release will include collections from other years.
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