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Vadose / W For Vadose Zone and Soil Cover

VADOSE/W is a finite element CAD software product for analyzing flow from the environment, across the ground surface, through the unsaturated vadose zone and into the local groundwater regime. Its comprehensive formulation allows the analysis of both simple and complex problems, from a simple analysis of ground infiltration due to rainfall, to a sophisticated model considering snow melt and root transpiration as well as surface evaporation, runoff, ponding, and gas diffusion. VADOSE/W can be applied to the analysis and design of geotechnical, mining, hydrogeological, agricultural, and civil engineering projects.

Using VADOSE/W, you can analyze 2D flux boundary problems such as:
  • Design and performance monitoring of single or multi-layered soil covers over mine and municipal waste facilities.
  • Development of climate controlled pore-water pressure distributions on natural or man-made slopes for use in stability analyses .
  • Determining infiltration, evaporation and transpiration rates resulting from agriculture, irrigation projects, or natural systems.
  • Predicting oxygen or radon gas diffusion and decay through the vadose zone.

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