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Temp / W For Thermal

TEMP/W is a finite element CAD software product for analyzing thermal changes in the ground due to environmental factors or the construction of facilities such as buildings or pipelines. The comprehensive formulation makes it possible to analyze both simple and highly complex geothermal problems. TEMP/W can be applied to the geothermal analysis and design of geotechnical, civil, and mining engineering projects, including facilities subjected to freezing and thawing temperature changes.

TEMP/W is formulated to account for the latent heat associated with water turning into ice and ice turning into water. The rate at which the latent heat is absorbed or released is controlled by an unfrozen water content function. Above the phase change temperature, all the water is unfrozen. As the temperature falls below the phase change point, the portion of the water that remains unfrozen decreases. Complete flexibility in defining the unfrozen water content function makes it possible to analyze a wide variety of ground conditions. When linked with SEEP/W or AIR/W it can consider convective heat transfer caysed by flowing water or moving air.

TEMP/W can model almost any geothermal problem, including:
  • Degradation of permafrost beneath warm buildings or around a warm, buried pipeline.
  • Development of a frost bulb around a chilled pipeline.
  • Ground freezing for soil stabilization, including use of freezing pipes around mine shafts or thermosyphons on top of earth dams .
  • Freeze-thaw action beneath roadways and airport runways .
  • Frost depth penetration beneath chilled structures such as a recreational ice surface or a highway during winter.
  • Effectiveness of various insulation alternatives for reducing freezing and/or thawing .

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