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Autodesk® Revit® MEP

Autodesk® Revit® MEP software is the building information modeling (BIM) solution for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers, providing purpose-built tools for building systems design and analysis. With Revit MEP, engineers can make better decisions earlier in the design process because they can accurately visualize building systems before they are built. The software’s built-in analysis capabilities helps users create more sustainable designs and share designs using a wide variety of partner applications, resulting in optimal building performance and efficiency. Working with a building information model helps keep design data coordinated, minimizes errors, and enhances collaboration among engineering and architecture teams.

Autodesk® Revit® MEP electrical engineering and plumbing design software:
  • Duct and pipe system modeling—Intuitive layout tools for duct systems modeling.
  • System inspector—More easily analyze high-pressure loss areas.
  • Sloped pipe and invert elevations—Model sloped piping for all plumbing systems.
  • Construction documents—Automatically generate plans, sections, elevations, and details.
  • Sheet drawing references—Automatically create sheet references for sections and elevations.
  • Duct and pipe sizing/pressure calculations—Perform sizing and pressure loss calculations more quickly and easily.
  • Import/export to ACIS solids—More easily share MEP models with AutoCAD® software-based architectural or engineering applications.

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