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Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server

With Infrastructure Map Server software you can more quickly publish and share CAD, GIS map, and asset information with web-based GIS mapping software. Access, visualize, and coordinate enterprise data with workers in the field, operations and customer service personnel, and the public with web-based mapping dashboards and reports.

  • GeoREST —Repurpose existing server and Feature Data Objects (FDO) data using a RESTful web services protocol.
  • Publish a single DWG or multiple drawings —Gain greater visual data fidelity of DWG™ files without conversion.
  • WMS and WFS publishing —Simplify GIS maps with an OGC WMS and WFS publishing interface.
  • Preconfigured templates —Publish sites quickly using JavaScript®, .NET, PHP, or Java®.
  • Open source developer community —Further enhance sites with access to formats, such as widgets and technology mash-ups.
  • Mobile viewer —Use this browser application with most mobile platforms, including Google Android™-based smart phones and Apple® iPhone® and iPad® mobile digital devices.

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