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Air / W For Air Flow

AIR/W is a finite element CAD software product for analyzing groundwater-air interaction problems within porous materials such as soil and rock. Its comprehensive formulation allows you to consider analyses ranging from simple, saturated steady-state problems to sophisticated, saturated/unsaturated time-dependent problems. AIR/W can be applied to the analysis and design of geotechnical, civil, hydrogeological, and mining engineering projects.

AIR/W can be applied to both saturated and unsaturated zones, a feature that greatly broadens the range of problems that can be analyzed. In addition to traditional steady-state water flow assumptions where the air contents are fixed, the saturated/unsaturated formulation of AIR/W makes it possible to analyze air flow and seepage as a function of time and to consider such processes as changing air and water contents. When linked with TEMP/W, it can account for air and water flow in freezing and thawing soils where the air density changes due to temperature changes.

AIR/W can model almost any groundwater problem, including:
  • Soil vapor extraction systems.
  • Air pressure in tunnels for support and water inflow control.
  • Air pressure response ahead of water infiltration fronts.
  • Thermal / density dependent air flow that contributes to convective heat transfer in freezing / thawing soils (when coupled with TEMP/W).
  • The true matric suction (Ua-Uw) phenomenon.

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